As a sign of high sense of responsibility all VDVM members commit themselves to observe a binding line of conduct and the principles of business – written down in our Code of Conduct.


The profession of the VDVM broker – as described in article 3 of the VDVM association articles – is subject to a special mutual trust between the policyholder and the VDVM broker. This can only be assured in long term if the VDVM broker fulfils certain qualifications and obligations. Being aware of this VDVM has established professional rules based on its articles of association – called the Code of Conduct – to serve as a guideline for the behaviour of its members. This Code of Conduct deals with the relationship between our members of the association and the insurance companies, the state (above all the supervisory authorities) as well as with the relationship among the members who are in competition with each other.

A standard system of rules improves the communication about the profession of the insurance broker and allows a comparison with foreign rules and moral concepts – which becomes more and more important in times of European integration.

At present the VDVM Code of Conduct consists of three parts:

In accordance with the developments on the national and international level VDVM will continue to develop its Code of Conduct further.

Transparency guidelines
Rules of competition
Guidelines for clearing and collection