In addition to the external activities of the association VDVM offers active internal support – i.e. for its members – at different places for the every day tasks.

1. All members are advised by the association in respect of many different issues. They receive legal advice and can benefit from the association’s experience concerning commission and premium collection, brokerage law and referrer agreements.

In case of major legislative projects – as recently the intermediary regulation and the reform of the German Insurance Contract Act – the association provides information and documents in respect of current developments in nationwide road shows.

2. By means of VDVM’s intranet only accessible to members, current information about selected topics for the brokers are professionally prepared and provided. Moreover exemplary documents such as broker agreements, the -“business card” and those for premium collection are made available for downloading.

3. All members take advantage of favourable terms and conditions under a master policy for professional indemnity insurance.

4. The logo of VDVM may be used by the members as quality mark for marketing purposes.

Towards the insurers such reference to the membership of VDVM as quality broker association usually accelerates the broker reversion.

5. VDVM provides inexpensive professional advertising material for its members for their day-to-day business.

6. The association aims at assisting its members in their profession by creating a standard Code of Conduct. Various insurance companies give VDVM members collection agreements which are revised by the association and based on the part “collection and payment” of the Code of Conduct.

7. The regular nationwide events of VDVM – the public symposium und the non-public business administration day – serve as information, communication and exchange about new developments for the members.

8. Knowledge and experience are also exchanged locally. All VDVM members are allocated to regional groups that meet regularly for presentations and discussions. Regular meetings for insurance brokers are also offered.

9. Many presentations describe updated topics and the position of the association, e.g. during the VEMA days of the DKM and the insurance days of IHK:

10. Special rates are offered by BWV, DVA and DMA to support further education of the members.

11. In case of disputes among members VDVM acts as arbitration board.

12. VDVM can prosecute competitors in case of breaches of the competition rules.

13. The association offers benefits to promote the participation in the annual comparison of the Institute for Trade Research (IfH ).